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Who we are

Prodigy Lending has been in the mortgage industry for over 17 years. During this time, our professional home loan experts have been serving customers with top-notch mortgage services. Every customer gets a tailored mortgage solution, whether in refinancing, consolidating debt of buying homes. We have several loan options which come with the lowest interest rates that meet various customer needs. 


VA home loans

The VA home loans come with 100% financing for all customers who meet eligibility criteria. These rates are also attractive with clients not having to pay for the down payment and mortgage insurance. The closing cost is also lower compared to those of other mortgages. Qualification requirements are flexible, making it possible for many to get approvals for the loans.

Conventional home loans

With conventional loans, clients make only 3% down payment. This is even low compared to those of FHA home loans in Garland. The interest is still low, given the low risks as most of the borrowers who apply for conventional have outstanding credit scores. Clients also get to choose flexible loan terms ranging from 10 to 30 years. There is no lender fee, and the mortgage insurance required is low. 

FHA home loans

Clients can easily qualify for the FHA home loans in Garland because of flexible requirements. Upfront installment of 3.5% is required together with private mortgage insurance. Customers get to enjoy attractive rates, even for those with high debt to income ratios. Those who wish to renovate their homes can apply for rehab mortgages under FHA home loans in Garland.

USDA home loans

We give 100% financing with low mortgage insurance required from those who qualify. The customers should meet set minimum income and be willing to purchase a home in rural areas. Those who get mortgage approvals enjoy the lowest interest rates.

Prodigy lending is the best private home loan company in the US. We assure all our customers that they will get their mortgage needs met through Prodigy various mortgage programs. Our team of professional mortgage specialists is always ready to assist clients through the home loan process. The last eight years have seen us get recognition for being the Top Workplace in the United States.

We aim to establish an everlasting relationship with our clients as this will guarantee repeat business for the coming years. Prodigy lending is trusted as we keep clients information personal.  

Give us a call anytime, and our able mortgage specialist will attend to you. Interactive tools provided on our website can also assist you in getting answers to any questions. We assure you of attractive rates which are determined by market conditions. To know the exact rates fill in a precise quotation form online. 

Realize your dream of homeownership through us!