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About us

Prodigy Lending is one of the leading mortgage companies in the United States. It consists of professional mortgage experts who are available to help each of our clients get the right home loans. Our mortgage ranges from those of refinancing, consolidating debts, and purchasing homes. The first time and repeat homebuyers can be surer to have their need met through our tailor-made products. We give our customers exceptional interest rates with various mortgage options to choose from. 


USDA home loans

The USDA mortgages are the most affordable option for those who are willing to purchase a home in suburban and rural places. Those who meet the income requirements that are lower than those which can allow someone to get conventional mortgages can apply for USDA loans. The borrowers will get 100% financing, meaning they will not be required to make any down payment. The rates are reasonable, and the mortgage insurance needed is low cost.

VA home loans

The VA home loans are categorically meant for veterans and serving soldiers in the US. Those who do not meet this qualification can choose FHA home loans in Richardson. The VA comes with reasonable interest rates, and it finances 100% of the home value. The borrower will, therefore, not make an upfront installment. The rates are quite competitive, with no closing cost required. Since the veteran department guarantees the loans, we do not require mortgages insurance from our customers. The credit score is not seriously considered, which makes a majority of veterans to qualify for the VA home loans. 

Conventional mortgages

Though FHA home loans in Richardson are considered by many, it does not consider good rates for those with exceptional credit ratings. Therefore it is considered unjust for those who have taken time to build their credit score. This group of people with exceptional ratings can take advantage of conventional home loans. The conventional mortgages have 3% down payment with the ability to negotiate for good rates depending on your credit score. The mortgage insurance needed is also low because a good FICO score is an indicator that you are creditworthy. There are no lender charges, and the borrowers get to choose loan terms depending on their convenience. 

FHA home loans

FHA home loans in Richardson are a favorite to many. This is because borrowers with low credit score can get the loans with only 3.5% down payment. High debt to income ratio also allows many homebuyers to qualify for the loan. The rates are also competitive with the option of getting rehab loans after purchasing your home.

The information of our clients remains confidential, and this is what has earned us trust across the lending society. Prodigy goal remains that of creating firm bonds with individual clients so that we can give them top-notch services for the coming years. Give us a call and start the home buying process with us. Our mortgage professionals are there to help you, and clients can use friendly online tools to reach us. 

FHA home loans in Richardson have the most competitive rates given the compromised credit ratings. The other mortgages also have outstanding benefits, and you can be sure to get good rates from us. It is worth noting that our rates are not constant as it depends on the market situation. Clients can get the current quotation free of charge by requesting through our online forms.

Our experience

 We have been in the home loan sector for more than seventeen years. During this time our clients have experienced excellent services from us. The employees are not left out because through them we can be able to satisfy our customers. We ensure the working environment is good so that they can priorities customers need. In this, we have been acknowledged as the Top Workplace in the US for eight years and counting. We are honored, and our commitment is on excellent services.

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