Essential Tips for Prodigy Lending Company In Mesquite, Texas


Prodigy loan program benefits

Prodigy lending team consists of mortgage expert in the whole of United States. These mortgage experts are highly experienced and they can help you find a loan which is designated to solve your situation and also your expectation needs. So it does necessary depend with what you want to do with the loan be it buying yourself a house, maybe you want to refinance the ongoing loan you have. You will be able to get all those with lowers rates as possible. This is the reason why we are much committed to offering quality service.

Some of the loan program we offer:


  • It has 3% down payment and also you will pay lower interest rates 
  • Mesquite FHA mortgage loan has more cost on PMI when you compare it with conventional home loans
  • 10- 30 years are the flexible loan term you will have
  • As a borrower, you will be required to pay zero down payment


  • FHA mortgage loan in Mesquite has attractive interest rates with only 3.5% required down payment
  • It easy to qualify and you will be able to access rehab loans
  • You need a higher debt than your income to qualify


  • They are very special type of loan with 100% refinancing and no mortgage insurance needed
  • They have lower rates and also lower closing close
  • Easy to qualify and best rates for a government loan


  • Just like the VA home loans, it has 100% financing with no down payment
  •  It has mortgage insurance to pay that is low
  • It also has a lower clos8ing cost as van home loans
  • To qualify you to need an income proof and your home locality must be within USDA

Our big agenda here is to ensure we offer long-lasting relationship which will enable us to provide excellent service. Our name is trusted throughout the lending community, this because unlike this other lending company in the market. We offer privacy and security to our client’s information and details.

Choose to speak to us through our mortgage professionals or you can make a direct call to us, thus why we are looking to work with you. We also have a site which you can use it and you will benefit from it.

The Prodigy lending team has been providing award-winning service to our clients. So don’t waste any time, get started with your approval process today. This has also made us win the top workplaces in the United State for the last 8 years making us the best private mortgages lenders. We are very proud of such recognition.

We also offer competitive rates on your home loan. You can get the lowest, mortgages rates or most current mortgage rates on your loan. So fill you application rates on the current mortgage rates because it has no obligation dues to fluctuations in the market.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more home loans information! We will be glad to work with you. Start the process now!