Most Vital Facts on Prodigy Lending Company in the City of Lavon, Texas


What Prodigy lending offers in the mortgage industry 

Prodigy lending team is committed to proving our clients with highest and quality service for all mortgage need you much need. We consist of mortgage experts who are found everywhere in the united state. When you find outstanding mortgage professionals in your areas they will help you purchase your dream house, refinance your plan FHA loan or even consolidate your debt at lower rate possible. This is because we have a combination of multiple home loan programs and also the lowest mortgage rates. So these home programs will be best suited according to your mortgage situation and expectation.

Here is the right mortgage for yours!


  • Low down payment of 3%
  •  You will have a reduced PMI compared to FHA home loan in Lavon
  • It comes with flexible terms of 10 -30 years
  • No lenders cost required
  •  If you have a good credit score you will have to pat lower interest rates.


  • Have reasonable interest rates with rehab loans available
  • With higher debt to income, it’s easy to qualify


  • With 100% refinancing again you will pay lower interest rates
  • It is easy to qualify because it has the best rates for a government loan
  • No mortgage insurance is required because is insured by the government
  • In closing of the agreement, you will be required to pay lower closing cost


  • It has 100% with lower interest rates 
  •  Lower mortgage insurance rates to pay 
  • It has no down payment and has a lower closing cost
  • To qualify you to need a proven income and your home location must be within USDA

Our ultimate goal here is to create a relationship with our clients. The relationship with our clients we want it to be long-lasting and even to be available in many tears to come. This will help us provide even the best service to our customers. We offer security to our client’s information and documents, as you know these documents are very crucial and confidential linking them to the public won’t be a good thing to do. Thus why we are the most trusted lenders in these lending communities.

If you want to communicate to us you can do so by, speaking directly to our mortgage industries, you can also call us and will be able to assist you. The last option is utilizing our site where you can get information that will be of help.

For more than 17 years now we have been able to provide award-winning service, as a result, we have been able to win an award such as the united state top workplaces. This award we have won it for the last 8 years which is privileged for the work we do.

We offer the lowest rates and the most current mortgage rates. This is a boost because it’s a competitive rate on your mortgage. You have to apply for this loan because for current mortgage rates there are no obligations that are cited. We look forward to working with you.

For basic and technical mortgage advice reach us via or via our contact number on the web.