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Mortgaging With Prodigy Lending

Prodigy lending team is available at your chosen spot within the United States. Simply call us and we will meet your need. We are a mortgage lending company that continually seeks to provide client-focused mortgage services that suit you. We have all the home loan information and advice you need if you want to buy a home. Conventional loans, jumbo loans, Fha loans, VA loans, you name it. Fill out one of our online forms and test our response rate, you will like it

Prodigy Lending Officers are experienced in mortgage financing. They know how to pick a suitable mortgage for you and without taking over you mortgage rights. You don’t need to struggle when purchasing your first home, looking for a refinancing loan or figure out how to do debt consolidation. Let our mortgage experts guide you on the loan program for the lowest interest rates. To us, the client is the boss.  




  • Conventional loan with Down payment of 3% 
  • PMI lower than Fha loans
  • Lending fees immunity
  • Loan repayment terms – 10, 15, 20 and 30 years
  • Better credit score, Better interest rate


  • 3.5 down payment on home price
  • Better interest rates when compared to conventional loans
  • FHA loan requirements in Carrollton are easy 
  • You can get Fha loans in Carrollton with a high debt-income ratio
  • Beside Carrollton FHA loans, there are get rehab loans for you

You can get Carrollton FHA programs with the above benefits.


  • Government-sponsored loan
  • Enjoy total house equity without making any down payment  
  • Enjoy the closing low closing cost
  • Simple Loan qualification requirements
  • Zero Mortgage insurance premiums

The VA loan is meant for a member of the military and spouses of ex-military members.


  • Get home with no down payments 
  • Total home financing with USDA loan
  • Low borrower Interest rates for USDA loan
  • Minimal Insurance cost 
  • Available USDA home locations
  • Meet USDA Income requirements 


Our Mortgage loan officers are always ready to take you through the USDA direct loans, loan Guarantee, and home improvement and grants program; whichever suits your needs.


As Prodigy lending we, want to continue building our clients home dreams. That is why we are always looking for ways and means of improving the excellence of our mortgage services. As we share our mortgage success stories with new clients, we ensure that we maintaining the confidentiality of our client’s mortgage information. When you give us a chance to assist you, you will not regret as we have a community reputation to maintain.

Our experienced professional morgue staff is always on standby; ready and willing to answer all mortgage questions and give you the information that serves you best. You are also free to interact with us through our customer-oriented website. Our refinance calculator and online mortgage quotation platforms are easy to use

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