Things to know about Prodigy lending team in Blue Ridge, Texas


 We ha have mortgage professionals all over the united state. They are highly experienced and meeting them one on the one you will help you get a loan that is tailored specifically to meet your situation and expectations. We are also committed to ensuring that you get quality service from us. We have offers that range from lowest rates mortgage and multiple mortgage loan programs.

Listed below are the loan programs we offer!


  •  You will be required to pay 3% down payment fee
  • It has PMI which are reduced in comparison with the Blue Ridge FHA loans
  • The loans are flexible up to a term of 30 years
  •  With good scores, you will be required to pay a low interest 
  •  No borrower’s fee is required


  • FHA loan requirements in Blue Ridge has it then you have to pay 3.5% down payment which is a low cost
  • It’s easy to qualify with attractive interest rates
  • If you have a higher debt to income you will even qualify for rehab loans


  • It’s very special because it has 100% financing option
  •  No mortgage insurance is required
  •  It has a low closing cost
  • It is easy to qualify and also is the best rate government loan


  • 100 % refinancing with no down payment
  • Low-interest rates and low mortgage insurance fee
  • It has low rates and in order to qualify for this loan you will need an income and approved the home location

What we intend to do, is to have a lasting relationship with our customers so as to provide the best service even in the future. We are better off to other lending companies because Prodigy lending team is committed to protecting our client information. We keep our customer’s information secret and confidential this is the reason we are the most trusted lending company.

 If you want to talk to us you can either call directly to us or you can also speak directly to our mortgage experts. So we look forward to working with you.

For more than 17 years know Prodigy lending team has been providing award-winning service and thus is the reason I will tell you to get pre-approved today. This has result in us winning the united state top workplace. It has been an honor for such recognition. We are also referred to as the best private mortgage lenders because we offer competitive rates such as low mortgage rate and most current mortgage rates for you to purchase or refinance.

The current mortgage rates we offer have no obligation simply because it will fluctuate depending on the trend in the market. Please fill our short form and apply.

For basic and technical mortgage advice reach us via or via our contact number on the web.