The Professional Home Loan Agency In Allen, Texas



Based in Houston, Texas, Prodigy Lending is a center of excellence when it comes to mortgages and home loans. This can be attributed to our experienced team and our existence for over seventeen years in the industry. Our team is always ready to offer advice to our clients and address any concerns that you may have on a home loan. Since we value excellence, we have ensured that our staff is working in good conditions and we have been recognized as a top workplace for the past eight years since 2011. 

In this era, where customer information is very sensitive, we at Prodigy Lending value your trust and relationship therefore, all the information you give us is private and secure. For instance, you would like to be a property owner in Allen, Texas which is one of the largest cities in Texas State with approximately 800,000 inhabitants. That means that the property is quite expensive so you will need a home loan. 

At Prodigy Lending, we have four major loan programs, namely; Conventional home loans, FHA home loan, VA home loan and USDA home loan. The suitability of a loan program will depend on your financial history, employment, the location of the property and purpose of the property.

The FHA home loan requirements in Allen are easy to meet and is suitable for you if you are buying your first home. This is because the requirements for an FHA loan are easy to meet and your credit score need not be as good as for the conventional home loan.

A VA home loan is for veterans, active military members and approved spouses.

A conventional home loan is suitable for you if you have a good credit score, above 620, and you wish to use the loan to finance investment property.

A USDA home loan is for you if you would like to reside in suburbs or rural areas of Allen. The VA and USDA home loans offer 100 percent financing and require no down payment. However, the USDA home loan has mortgage insurance while the VA home loan requires the applicant to have a certificate of eligibility for the loan program.

We offer you the lowest and most current mortgage rates available in the market for both purchasing and refinancing of the property. Since market conditions frequently change, on a day to day basis, you can try to get a quick quote on our website to give you an idea of the market conditions at that time. In addition to that, we have a lot of informational material on our website on different loan programs, tips for first-time home buyers, refinancing, mortgage rates as well as other information prospective property owners would require. For any clarification required, feel free to contact us via e-mail, a call or drop by our offices during our working hours to speak to our team of professionals. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more home loans information!