Forget millennials. Gen-X is controlling the e-closing revolution

Forget millennials Generation X is controlling the eClosing revolution As far as the mortgage industry is concerned, e-closings and emerging millennial homebuyers go hand-in-hand. The thinking goes that these tech-savvy individuals expect greater efficiency and convenience in the home buying process.

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Patrice Thompson: Closing the gap: A millennial proposal for a happy multigenerational workplace Jaime Kosofsky – Managing Partner- E-Closing. – LinkedIn – Jaime Kosofsky is one of the founding partners of the north carolina based law firm of Brady & Kosofsky. The focus of the firm’s practice revolves around all aspects of the real estate title and.

Ever since we labelled the post baby-boomers Gen X, we got lazy in terms of naming the generations that followed. Gen Y (millennials) followed Gen X, and true to form, those born after 1995-2000 are commonly referred to as Gen Z. We have officially run out of alphabet. I always loved the R.E.M.’s music.

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Millennials closed mortgage loans at their fastest pace in four years as lower interest rates pushed up purchasing power and incentivized them to pull the trigger, according to Ellie Mae.

Now to millennials. You have mastered technology-we get it. Yes, you created a digital revolution. No, that doesn’t mean that technology should control every aspect of. Unlike your Gen X.

Canadians managing mortgages despite soaring household debt load Zillow mortgage unit takes a loss as expenses outweigh strong demand Back in 2010, when in opposition, Joe Hockey accused former treasurer Wayne Swan of not having the bottle to take on the banks. Swan was weak and insipid, he taunted, and the banks were treating him.A Third of Canada's $1.2 Trillion In Mortgage Debt Is In. – canadian real estate debt has been soaring, but we only had a suspicion of how it was distributed. Lucky for us, we’ve obtained a breakdown of Q4 2017 Equifax data from the good folks at the Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation (CMHC). Over a third of mortgage debt is concentrated in Greater Toronto and Vancouver.

Not only do Gen-Xers have the home buying power and technological insights and ability, but they also have more decision makers in the mortgage industry than millennials, and thereby possess supply power in the rising demand for e-closings.

Inventory keeps contracting as higher rates deter sellers: Redfin Mortgage rates at 7-year high only add to US home buying. – US home buyers, already contending with escalating prices, now are getting hit with the most-expensive mortgage rates in seven years. Funny thing: It’s only making them move faster. The average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage jumped to 4.61 percent, up from 4.55 percent last week and the highest.

It turns out that Divergent isn’t just the top movie in America. It’s also playing out in the run-up to the 2016 presidential race, with Sen. Rand Paul, the Kentucky Republican, in the starring role..

Via Andrew Sullivan, here’s a blog post by a woman named Lana Hope, who was raised in a homeschooling christian fundamentalist family, and who has left all that behind. She writes to say that people.

In November 2018, the National Bureau of Economic Research published a paper called "Saving Regret" [here’s the full PDF version]. Once you wade through the study’s academic language, there’s some interesting stuff here about why people do and don’t save for retirement.

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